Payment and delivery

Payment methods:
Оплата на картку Приват банку
При оплаті обов"язково вказуйте прізвище і ім"я замовника. Відправка товару здійснюється протягом 2-х робочих днів з моменту оплати.
При доставці Новою поштою, розрахунок проводиться при отриманні товару.
Shipping methods:
Продукцію можна придбати в фірмовому магазині, що працює при в
Понеділок - п"ятниця з 8.00 до 18.00 Субота з 8.00 до 15.00
Nova Poshta
All orders placed on the website of the online store before 10:00 are sent on the day of ordering. Orders are shipped within 1-4 days depending on the region to which the goods are sent. Documents confirming the fact of purchase of the goods are sent with the goods. Delivery of goods is carried out through the postal company "New Mail". An up-to-date list of parcel delivery centers and their work schedule, terms and conditions of courier delivery are presented on the carrier’s official website. In the case of non-receipt and non-payment of the order within 4 days after delivery to the branch of "New Mail", the goods are returned to the sender, and the order is canceled.
Nova Poshta (courier)
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